Our City, our Region

Discover Lyon, a city full of stories World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


Our City is located between Alps and wine
regions, with an historic and cultural heritage. An ideal place to get the authentic french touch.
Lyon was built over 2,000 years and yet, built in compliance amid its successive periods. This is one reason for its classification as a UNESCO World Heritage. Some of the various civil and religious sites date back to antiquity and mark out the areas of Lyon.
Among the unavoidable many exciting things that makes the renown of the city is its famous french gastronomy with our starred chefs Paul Bocuse, Georges blanc, Pierre Orsi, but also with the famous “Bouchon Lyonnais”…
the Traditional Lyonnais cuisine, Beaujolais wine and a friendly atmosphere…
It is the winning formula!
You will find in downtown, luxury shops and genuine craftsmanship for the
wildest desires and looking for new trends .
Lyon is also one of Alps gates, 1h30 from first ski resorts, This closeness
allows to take advantage of pleasures of the mountains at any period of the year.
Our city is between famous wine regions «Cotes du Rhônes», «Beaujolais» and «Bourgogne», take the time to visit
vineyrads and discover where the greatest wines meet on table.